●  The Color Psychology
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View of space with colors

A natural

The colors we borrow from nature are not mere pigments; they are imbued with light, history and life. By looking through the prism of nature, we find an inexhaustible source of inspiration and harmony. Nature's lessons in color are guides to a richer, more meaningful aesthetic.
Pink Flament close-up with blue sky background
Pink Flament close-up with black background
Nature, in its purest essence, is a true artist, weaving vivid and inspiring canvases. She is a muse who teaches color harmony, offering free but invaluable lessons on how to capture the essence of the beauty that surrounds us. Nature serves as a canvas for human creativity and influences our search for balance and beauty in the creations we forge.
View of orange rocks


The diversity of colors in nature is limitless, each landscape a living sampler, evolving with the seasons, offering renewed perspectives with every glance. Every creator draws on this infinity to enrich his or her palette, going beyond ephemeral trends to create timeless works.
Blue bird with turquoise and green hues
Aurora borealis blues and greens
Microscope view of a green stone
Close-up of a green frog on vegetation

A lesson
in harmony
and balance

Nature is never mistaken in its color combinations. She orchestrates visual symphonies where each element is in harmony with its neighbor. It's in these perfect compositions that we humans find our inspiration to create spaces and objects that resonate with the same balance. By integrating these natural principles, our creations are aligned with a universal rhythm that is both inspiring and soothing.

Each natural scene is a lesson in colorimetric mastery. The color harmony we find in nature is the result of complex evolution and ecological cohabitation. Making the connection between nature and color harmony means recognizing and applying the principles of balance, contrast and variety that make the natural world so visually fascinating and inspiring.
Aerial view of a volcano
Aerial view of an iceberg

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